Thursday, December 27, 2018

Windows 10 is Overrated

After using Windows 10 on a daily basis since its inception, I have to say I'm rather disappointed.  There are a number of issues with Windows 10 ranging from Performance to Visuals, and more.  Microsoft really should have just kept improving Windows 7, instead of re-focusing on this disaster.

1.  Performance.  Windows 10 takes up a lot of memory, even if you have a fast computer.  The graphics are very stylish and are well more advanced than any Windows version before it.  You will need to have a fairly new computer to even use Windows 10 without much lag.  Apple, in contrast, builds its own computers that can handle their own operating systems with any iMac.  Windows 10 will run on any computer, so be very careful when upgrading your OS on an old PC - you may just ruin it!

2.  Visuals.  Graphics are very advanced in Windows 10 and it is nothing like any Windows version before it.  You now simply have so much more bloatware than before, which I could care less about using.  Cortana is OK, but the Microsoft Store is pretty useless.  The Windows button on the bottom left of the screen has a upgraded neat little Microsoft logo now.  There are several transparent menus and a whole new Control panel. You now have easy access to Windows Defender to use to scan for viruses, but it is questionable if Windows Defender even properly protects you from Malware and runs automatically.  Visuals are the positive aspect of Windows 10, but again to not be frustrated using the OS, you must be running a decent computer. 

3.  Navigation, Glitches and More.  Here is where I will vent the most.  The first two sections had only modest problems and can get around with using a strong/new PC.  The biggest problems with Windows 10 are the several aspects which affect the usability of the Operating System, making it more difficult than any Windows before it:

- Upgrades and Updates-  This is a nightmare.  Every time Windows 10 runs updates something bad always happens as a reciprocation.  One update caused my computer to freeze every single time Windows 10 booted up after a Power Down.  Another caused my Start Menu to fail working, saying if you "Sign Out", Windows will automatically fixed the problem, which did NOT happen. Now I am stuck with a broken Taskbar, Start Menu, and lousy Cortana unless you start a new account from scratch.  It's questionable if any of the updates or upgrades that Windows 10 provide even help you, or just add spyware to your computer.  Microsoft always notifies you when you update and asks if they want you to "Send information to them to improve their service"; make sure to always respond with "No", since this appears to be an invasion of privacy.  Other major problems with the Windows 10 updates is when Windows messes around with your display drivers, and other necessary installed software.  This driver updating/software re-arrangement that the Microsoft Update does on Windows 10 can be absolutely FATAL to your PC, but Microsoft doesn't seem to even blink about it.  After one update a year ago, I lost all of my AMD display drivers, which killed my resolution back to the basic, and was no longer able to rely on my HDMI cable, until I manually had to tweak my system, re-install a bunch of AMD drivers manually and reboot my PC several times until I was able to 'kick' it back into recognizing the HDMI and AMD compatibility. 

- Creating a new account - Microsoft now makes it hard to just create a simple additional local account.  They do everything to make the Local account option small and prefer you create a Microsoft Account with a Registered email address.  They shrink the text so small for this option that you will be very confused about what to do.  What is the point of this? Microsoft is just trying to pretend like they are Facebook, except nobody cares about what they are trying to accomplish here.  Also, the worst part is that the Local Account creation doesn't even work half of the time! When you are nearly finished and click "Done" to create the account, it simply closes the Window.  This leaves you working harder with the Command Prompt just to make a simple local account.  Of course, you need basic IT knowledge to do this!  So Microsoft is creating problems and making it harder to do anything on Windows 10 than any Windows before it.  This is contrary to what their mission was!

- Navigation - Huge mess.  Windows 10 it is impossible to find anything whether it be Printer Management, Control Panel, your My Computer section - it's all well hidden now since the OS is all about graphics, and they prefer you do not worry about adjusting computer settings.  It's also much harder to reboot in Safe Mode than before in case your system is having major issues.  You cannot make the same modifications to MS Config (msconfig.exe) that you could before.  You cannot easily watch your videos or listen to music anymore.  NOTHING WORKS PROPERLY!! This is a serious problem.  Actually, the navigation aspect is so bad and there are so many more details overall which make using this OS impossible to use sometimes.  Combine the jumbled-mess lousy navigation with a slower PC, and its a complete nightmare.  You will have a much harder time finding anything in Windows 10 than any previous Windows versions (sans Windows 8).

Microsoft - here's some advice.  Stop pretending to be something you aren't and please go back to a similar platform like Windows 7.  Windows 10 is a convoluted mess that simply creates more stress on the user with a questionable interface.  Please consider making improvements.