Monday, January 7, 2019

Apple iPhone X Review

Apple's iPhone X is now 1 year old - it is a staple amongst the iPhone clan of phones.  Apple has made a newer version of the iPhone X called the iPhone XS, and has resumed its models based on the iPhone X blueprint.

The iPhone X is a great phone overall and has many new technological breakthroughs:

Camera Quality (5/5): The iPhone X camera quality and features are top-notch - its almost as good as a professional camera.  The Zoom function has been adjusted and works more properly.

Face Recognition (4/5): The Face Recognition is iPhone X's most ambitious security achievement.  It works great overall, although it can glitch sometimes if you do not have your face properly aligned to the camera.  This replaces the Thumbprint that was used for most iPhones 8 and below.  Newer software and framework updates for the iOS have improved the Face recognition slightly, and the iPhone XS makes further enhancements.

Cellular Reception (4/5): About the same.  Still depends on who your Cellular Provider is.  There isn't any benefit or loss with the iPhone, still.

Navigation (4/5): Roughly the same as the previous versions, except the Do Not Disturb is included with the iPhone X upon purchase, rather through an update.

Internet Web Browsers (4/5):  A little faster browsing capability, but no major changes.

Summary (4.5/5): Overall, you should only get an iPhone X if you have an old iPhone (5 or lower) or if you have an older phone from a different brand, since it is a pricey device and you will enjoy it only if you make a big upgrade leap.  Those who have already purchased an iPhone 8 might be disappointed since the changes and updates will seem subtle, at best.  The iPhone X is a recommended, yet expensive phone.

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